Do you find yourself in the unexpected role of homeschool parent?  Maybe you have never envisioned yourself teaching your children at home but today you are waking up to the job of educating your children with minimal help from the traditional school system.  If this is where you find yourself today, then you need to know 5 important things that can help you address the new challenges you are facing.

School Can Be Fun

Believe it or not, your child can enjoy school especially if you teach to your child’s interests.  It may take a few days to find your stride, but watch them each day when they start their nontraditional school day.  Do they light up when it comes to reading a new selection but their eyes glaze over when they start to work on math? Study their behaviors and look for the things that interest them.

One on One is Better than Group

Becoming a homeschool parent with no warning is a daunting experience.  But you may find that this opportunity is a great way to develop a new relationship with your child. Take some time each morning to plan the day and spend one on one time with each of your children.  As you get your stride in this effort, you will see some really rewarding and memory building experiences emerge.

You Know Enough

You don’t have to be a certified teacher to home school your children.  You may not have a teaching degree or understand the inner workings of their assignments that have been sent home, but what you do know is more valuable.  You know your child better than anyone else. You also come to the table each morning with life skills and knowledge that is valuable. Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know.  Instead, use the internet and school provided resources to supplement what you may not feel are your strong points.

Don’t Worry about Gaps

Many parents that find themselves in the role of unexpected homeschool parent worry about finding the perfect curriculum. There is no perfect curriculum so don’t be too concerned about covering everything.  You know your children better than anyone.  When you think about it, you ARE the expert on your child.  Use this time to allow your child’s individual interest to lead the study. Many times, internet searches can fill in the gaps in current knowledge for a particular subject or expand an interest area.

Think outside the Curriculum

There is much more to being educated than making it through certain curriculum books.  Take some time to read with your children and discuss what you read from your worldview. It teaches your children to think for themselves!

I encourage you to learn more about NeuroDevelopment. That knowledge can help young brains at your house work better and help you face the daily challenges of unexpected homeschooling.

Looking for resources to help fill the gaps or need specific help for a child with learning struggles?  We can help! Take a few minutes today to schedule a free consultation and get the help you need from our certified brain coach!

Dr. Jan Bedell, Founder & President

Dr. Jan’s passion is teaching ways to stimulate brains of all ages earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels.
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