August 2020 marks the 28 anniversary of my journey into the world of NeuroDevelopment (ND). Our family searched for 15 years to find help for my daughter Jenee’s academic, social and developmental challenges. Just when hope seemed a distant dream, God brought The NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life into my world and changed both my life and Jenee’s.  

Dream Center is Now a Reality!

All these years later, after seeing thousands of lives changed by this approach, a dream of 20+ years is coming to reality.  The first Brain Sprints Center serving children with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, autism and other developmental and learning challenges is open in Denton, TX.  Now we can provide intervention for children with learning struggles in the center in addition to our past feat of equipping parents throughout the country to change their children’s lives. 

Children Are Being Labeled

The sad reality is that more and more children in the USA are being labeled with learning struggles each year. They often think negatively about themselves and are challenged socially as well as academically. Many professionals put the number as at least 1 in 5 children suffer with learning challenges or have been officially labeled. More often than not, by the time we see the child, they might have multiple labels.

It Takes More Than Tutoring!

Brain Sprints takes the approach of getting to the root of the struggle instead of putting a label on it. Our experience shows that it takes more than labeling and more than tutoring to make lasting change for these children. Take a look at these test results for math, reading recognition (ability to read random words) and reading comprehension.  Results of ND intervention in just four months

Instead of the traditional results of a student getting further and further behind with each passing year as well as requiring all types of accommodations, The ND Approach goes far beyond any tutoring techniques in resolving the symptoms associated with labels. Let me give you an example.  If a child is having trouble learning to read, he may be suspected of having dyslexia or even given that label.  Traditional dyslexia intervention is heavy on phonics, typically a two year intensive and expensive therapy. This approach may be helpful for those students with average or above auditory sequential processing ability but those students with low processing struggle to make any significant gains with this method.  

What is auditory sequential processing? 

Simply put, it is the ability to hold each piece of specific information like each part of a multi-step direction or in the case of reading, a phonetic sound in the correct order long enough to create meaning from the information given. 

Children with low auditory processing have trouble:

  • following multi-step direction
  • reading with a phonics approach
  • staying on task
  • getting meaning from math word problems
  • comprehending what is read
  • with social maturity
  • understanding cause and effect
  • maintaining attention
  • and more

The Search For the Cause 

In contrast, looking at low reading ability through the lens of ND, the possible root causes of reading issues would be explored. These areas would include:

  • Can the child see up close and far away?
  • Are the eyes working together (convergence)?
  • Was the central detail vision developed?
  • Is the visual information being stored in the correct hemisphere of the brain for easy retrieval?
  • Was the brain organized at the lower levels?
  • Is the auditory processing at least 5 working on 6 to be able to handle phonics? For a Free Auditory Test Kit to see how your children check out in this important skill, go to and scroll down to “Tools”.   

Click here to listen to a mom who did both traditional dyslexia intervention and NeuroDevelopment.  

See a graph of test results for a dyslexic child after ND intervention. The results in reading and math are very different from other approaches. 

See a graph of test results for a child with ADD/ADHD after intervention of root causes. 

My NeuroDevelopmental journey did start 28 years ago and my daughter Jenee’s life was changed. Over the years, I have been privileged to watch a chain reaction of families being helped from our original experience. Even though Jenee’ went to be with the Lord 6 years ago, the ripple effect of her life continues and will be perpetuated through centers like the one just started in Denton, TX. 

To see if some of the root causes I have mentioned are slowing your child’s progress in school and life, consider a NeuroDevelopmental Screening.  A screening can pinpoint some of the key area of development and set you on a path to remedy negative situations that your child might be facing. Screenings can be done in person at the Brain Sprints Center in Denton or virtually by zoom from anywhere in the world. Use discount code SC92020 for any screening scheduled by September 30th. 

Not sure if a ND Screening is right for your child?  Consider a Free Consultation 

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