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Homeschool Connect Expo

March 25 - March 29


Brain Sprints’ booth: https://homeschoolconnectexpo.com/online-expo/listing/brain-sprints/

Dr. Jan’s talks:

  • Riding the Reading Roller Coaster of Dyslexia

Have you ever been at the top of a roller coaster anticipating the next plunge? Aaaaaah!  Is your experience in teaching your child to read much like that of a roller coaster ride?  “You knew that word yesterday!” you say in amazement when your child doesn’t recognize the same word today. This is a mystery akin to going through a dark cave on the roller coaster where everything you were carrying fell out. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme nor reason to why your teaching strategy is not working. Don’t settle for coping and compensating, expensive dyslexia programs or the limitations of labels. Learn to think differently and get the breakthrough you are looking for in reading.

  •  Sensory Sensitive

Does your child seem to be irritated by the slightest touch, noise or visual movement?  Dr. Jan, the Brain Coach, will help you understand why these typical sensory inputs are not typical for your child.  A better understanding of the root cause can bring solutions.

  • Auditory, What?

Have you ever talked to your child and he looks right at you but goes off and does something totally different?  You might ask yourself:  Is this a discipline issue?  Do I need to get his hearing checked?  What has happened to his character?  In this workshop, the Brain Coach will help you discover reasons why this is happening and what can be done to remedy the situation.

  • To Label or Not to Label… That is the Question

Is your child struggling behaviorally or academically?  Have you wondered if there would be a label if your child was tested? Are you feeling devastated by labels already received?  This workshop is for you!  The NeuroDevelopmental Approach looks at whole child and teaches parents to accelerate progress by identifying root causes instead of just coping and compensating.  Most labels are symptomatic (a list of symptoms).  Each of those symptoms have roots causes.  When you are equipped to address foundational issues, you can often say, “No to limitations of labels and yes to hope!”

  • ADD/ADHD A Drug Free Solution

Is your child able to focus for hours on topics of interest but resembles a rebounding pinball when it comes to math or reading? How can you pay attention to academic instruction when your sensory information is distorted and resembles sparks flying from a damaged electrical connection? Answer: It’s next to impossible!  What about holding information in short-term memory so directions can be followed?  Become equipped to address the root causes that produce the negative symptoms of ADD / ADHD and avoid the limitations that often come with labels.

  • Math Made Easier

Jan Bedell, the Brain Sprints/Little Giant Steps Brain Coach, challenges the standard way of doing a few problems to teach a “math lesson” and then sending the student off to “do it on their own”.  Then we grade the papers the child finished and then what?  Do we do more instruction?  Typically not, we just send the paper back with the child and tell them to correct it.  No wonder so many children HATE math.  The myth: If we help the student or do some of the student’s problems for them, it makes us somehow guilty of cheating.   Dr. Jan will debunk that myth.

  • Reading Made Easier

When your child has trouble reading, it is often a puzzle to everyone involved. Instead of just changing curriculum or hiring a tutor, let’s investigate together what could be causing the struggle. I strongly encourage you not to go buy another phonics program! It may not be the phonics program that is the issue at all. Today you will learn about auditory processing as it relates to reading. When the processing is low, that often causes the difficulty with being able to read well with phonics. By listening to this Brain Coach Tip, you will also begin to understand what other root causes might be negatively affecting a child’s ability to read. Ways to change the brain so learning is easier will be recommended.



March 25
March 29


Homeschool Connect Expo