In this current climate of home learning, many parents are struggling to supplement the limited resources that the schools are offering. Some parents are overwhelmed and worried that their children will be behind when schools reopen in the fall. Audiobooks or audio stories are a resource you can add to your routine that will help improve vocabulary, model good sentence structure for future use in creative writing and develop stronger auditory processing skills. AudioBooks (recordings without the books to look at) are an often overlooked tool that will greatly increase your child’s education not to mention giving you some time for yourself.

If you are hearing things like “I’m bored” or “I hate reading”, audiobooks may be just the key to unlocking a great learning opportunity. When your children need something productive and are feeling antsy, audio stories or books are a great way to tap into imagination and creativity. Here at Brain Sprints, we understand that brain training is an ongoing process and should be a part of our everyday activities.

Start with their Interests

If your children are not accustomed to listening to audiobooks, start with something that is interesting to them. Introduce simple chapter books like Magic Treehouse, A to Z Mysteries or for older elementary students choose classics like Chronicles of Narnia or Swiss Family Robinson. Children of all ages can benefit from listening to audiobooks. They are also extremely helpful for struggling learners. Even pre-readers can learn to follow storylines with short books like fairy tales or fables.

Have them listen to the story with no visual stimulations. You want your children to develop their imagination and individual creativity as they listen to the audiobooks. Listening instead of viewing something at the same time forces the auditory attention to expand and contributes to the child’s overall ability to stay on task and follow directions.

Tip: If you find that your children are not able to sit still while they listen, give them simple projects that they can do to keep their hands occupied like coloring, building with blocks or working a puzzle. This will give them the opportunity to listen while being actively engaged in a project.

Watch Imagination Grow

Listening to audiobooks helps with the imagination. When you watch a movie everything is provided and the world is already created. Videos don’t allow children to develop their imagination. However, when children are listening to audio stories, they make the pictures in their heads and develop ideas for how things should appear.

Help with Creative Writing

Audiobooks are a good way for young students to improve their writing skills. As they listen to classic books, children will develop a larger vocabulary and learn how sentences should flow and thoughts can be expressed. They will hear good literature that they can emulate later.

Improve comprehension

Listening to audiobooks also helps with comprehension. When students read something in other classes or hear verbal instructions, they will be able to hold more pieces of information together because they have been practicing their auditory processing.

What is Auditory Processing? This is a child’s short term memory and the ability to stay on task and process information. Audio Processing also helps enhance the use of phonics, will improve reading levels and from a neurodevelopmental perspective, it is key to brain efficiency. We often see children with learning labels like ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum or Dyslexia that have low auditory processing.

Audiobooks may seem like an easy step to include in your child’s home education, but there are so many benefits to listening to audio stories. This is truly an easy way for the whole family to grow and develop ongoing education. Take some time today to check out these resources and include audiobooks in your lifestyle.

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Dr. Jan Bedell, Founder & President

Dr. Jan’s passion is teaching ways to stimulate brains of all ages earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels.
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