Whether you and your family are starting home virtual learning this year or going back to in person classroom, going back to school can be difficult. Breaks from school typically come with other challenges that make it fun, stressful, wonderful and exhausting. This can come with its own challenges but is often intensified when a child has learning struggles or labels.  Take a break and listen here or go to YouTube to hear Dr. Jan share some tips for how to return to school after an extended break.

Getting back into math for many children and especially for those with dyscalculia or math dread can be challenging to put it mildly.  Jan Bedell, the Brain Coach will give you tips on how to make that transition much easier.  The recall of previously learned math concepts can be an easy one with the right technique.

Dr. Jan Bedell, ‘Brain Sprints’ Brain Coach says:


Hints for the first few days back at school after the break:

  • Start with only one or two subjects for the first few days and add a little at a time.
  • Spend time reading to the children for an extended amount of time to get them back in the habit of sustained focus.

Recommended reading:

  • Upper elementary/middle school age – The Bronze Bow (tie this to your study of Roman times) and Carry on Mr. Bowditch (American History/Navigation)
  • Elementary age- Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin (America’s first Artist)
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