Zoom NeuroDevelopmental Seminar

The Foundation of Learning – Monday April 13th 4pm

Have you ever thought about what makes learning easy for one child and a challenge for another?

The truth is, the foundation of all learning is the brain. The way the brain is organized, the way it receives, processes and stores information makes all the difference in how the individual uses the information to function academically, behaviorally, socially and physically. Whether you have a typically developing, gifted or struggling learner, this seminar will help you understand the foundation of learning of all individuals. Join us for this information packed hour that will broaden your thinking about how to make learning easier for your children.

If your child is struggling, you might be asking yourself,

Is it:

  • a matter of finding the right curriculum?
  • achieving a particular maturity level?
  • determined by IQ?
  • my technique that is not working?
  • needing extra tutoring?
  • a learning disability in need of a label?

You will find answers to these and other questions in

this eye-opening NeuroDevelopmental Seminar.

Space is limited so reserve you spot now!

Zoom Q&A Zoom Meetings April 15th, 22nd and 29th at 4pm

If you have listened to Dr. Jan in some of the workshops, you know she has asked you to THINK DIFFERENTLY. Many question arise when our current paradigm is questioned. This Q & A is designed to answer those puzzling questions and give suggestions for an effective way forward for your struggling learner.

Master Math Facts in Minutes

Is your child struggling with math facts? Is he wanting to run the other direction when you bring out those flash cards? Do you have a gifted child that struggles with higher level math because he gets the simple facts wrong? Is the answer is yes to any of these questions then this product is for you!

Math Facts Proficiency

Math facts are the building blocks of quick accurate math computation for life!

Not sure if your student needs to work on math facts? Use the proficiency assessment below to find out.

NeuroDevelopment Produces Improvement

This free article bundle gives an overview of key areas addressed by NeuroDevelopment.


Discover the functional reasons behind the challenges that hinder you or your student (age six or older) through the NeuroDevelopmental Screening process. A certified screener is trained to assess the root causes of issues existing with short term memory, long term memory, eye function and brain organization. When inefficiencies are found in these areas, the certified screener points you to resources to resolve the issues.


Our caring and knowledgeable team members are ready to guide you to the best fit for your family.

Let’s go beyond tutoring to resolve academic and functional challenges at the source!

Check Your Child’s Current Information Processing Abilities

Dr. Jan Bedell

Free Auditory Processing Test Kits

Order Your Free Test Kit And Learn How Well Each Individual In Your Family Can Receive Information, Hold It In Short Term Memory And Then Use It. Also Included Is How To Improve This Important Skill.

“When I was asked to use one word to describe our experience with Little Giant Steps, I said, “life-changing!” When we first met Jan, Jonathan was really struggling in his school work. As a 3rd grader, he couldn’t read well, couldn’t spell anything, and was forgetting his alphabet. He could hardly copy from the white board and his writing was not smooth and legible. Emotionally, he was insecure, shy and very down about himself. He hated school work and didn’t want to play with his 3 other brothers. As a home school mom, I tried to help him, but nothing worked. When we first started the Little Giant Steps program, I was overwhelmed with all that needed to be worked on. The first 8 months, we saw little improvement, but he was making progress. After this, I made therapy the number one priority. We got up at 6:00 a.m. to do chores, etc. and started doing LGS activities at 7:30. That’s when we started to see big changes. In our excitement, we added two of our other boys to the progam. After two years of hard work and determination, Jonathan is finally a different person. He is in the 6th grade and reading on an 8th grade level and loves to read! He is spelling and remembering. School is enjoyable now and he does very well. He can copy from the board. He is making straight A’s in 7th grade math and really likes it. He now laughs and plays games with his brothers and friends. He has become outgoing and confident.”

​R. B.