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Aside from helping children who are adopted and traumatized academically, our goal here at Brain Sprints is to make sure that they live the happy and carefree life that they deserve. People say that going through traumatic experiences in life can make or break a person’s spirit. Certain tragic or life-altering moments can already be difficult to deal with for an adult, so imagine the strength a child has to muster to face it at such a young age. Children who went through such ordeals deserve to play outside with friends, discover new hobbies, enjoy their school and summer vacations — They deserve to savor life like normal kids, and this is what we at Brain Sprints want to happen.

We incorporate NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life in all our brain training services to help address the symptoms of a child who has been adopted and undergone trauma. Whether it is in-home or on-site training in our Brain Sprints Center in Denton, Texas, we strive to eliminate or significantly decrease the symptoms of your child’s condition, which will then eventually remove his/her label altogether.

We know that these are steep claims to make, especially considering how unique our approach is compared to the more popular teaching methods. This is why we are inviting you to call us today, speak with our NeuroDevelopmental experts, and discover how your child’s life can change for the better with our individualized programs.

More About Being Adopted & Traumatized as a Child

Despite the rise of movements against violence against children, did you know that in the United States alone, an estimated 35 million children or 25 to 43 percent of them have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives? An event is considered traumatic when there is threat of injury, death, sexual violence, humiliation, or against the safety of others. It is also includes motor vehicle accidents, death of a family or friend, natural or man-made disaster, terrorism, war, and more. Most of the time children who are adopted have experienced one or two of these at a very young age.

Unfortunately, many children who are adopted and/or have gone through trauma tend to experience a setback or long-term developmental impediment. They could show symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), develop auditory processing disorder and other learning disabilities, and experience difficulty in seeing the world as how a normal kid would see it. In the classroom alone, kids ridden with trauma may find it hard to focus, process new information, accomplish tasks, and interact and communicate with their classmates and teachers.


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Why Brain Sprints?

Brain Sprints takes pride in the 25+ years we have spent developing, and consistently innovating the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for training children with dyscalculia and other learning disabilities. We are one of the very few companies in Texas to offer this type of customized service. We stand out even more because of our high level of dedication to help every child, regardless of their disability and struggles.  That is why families come from all over the United States to receive services. The unique nature of Brain Sprints’ application of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is that we take into consideration the whole child through the areas of sensory input (auditory, visual and tactile) and motor output (gross motor, fine motor and language). The child is evaluated in these 6 areas and tracked through 9 levels of development. An individualized brain training program is then crafted from our 1,000+ activity database.  Instead of focusing on labels and limiting your child’s potential based on what a dyslexia label dictates, we look at your child as an individual who has boundless potentials and untapped skills and talents. It is our job to help you and your child discover this way to a brighter future.

Founder and President of Brain Sprints Dr. Jan Bedell has written papers and conducted thorough research on how NeuroDevelopmental brain building principles can be applied to brain training services. Since 1995 Brain Sprints, also through Little Giant Steps, has utilized the ND Approach in helping children improve their academic performance, motor skills, and self-care abilities as well as their social and communication skills.

Our Services for Adopted and Traumatized Children Include:

In-Home Training – After an in-person or video evaluation is conducted, an individualized NeuroDevelopmental plan is created.  The details of implementing the plan are taught to the parents via a web-training site.  Parents across the United States, or someone they choose, facilitates the activities five days a week with the child while unparalleled support is given through email, phone and bi-monthly teleconferencing. In some area of the DFW area, Brain Sprints trained Brain Coaches can be provided to implement the program for the parents.    

On-Site Training – Brain Sprints NeuroDevelopmental Brain Training is now available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! At our Brain Sprints Center in Denton, Texas, trained Brain Coaches are available to work with your child on their individualized plan.  This can either be accomplished through 1-1 session or in small groups.

Brain Building Products – We have exclusive resources i.e. Auditory Processing books, Digit Span Tests, interactive Computer Programs in our store via Little Giant Steps appropriate for children who are adopted and traumatized. All materials incorporate NeuroDevelopmental brain building principles, and our experts would be more than happy to recommend the appropriate products best fit for your child.

NeuroDevelopmental Programs for Parent Education

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Do you conduct a screening test before you provide Adopted and Traumatized Brain Training?

– Yes, we do. It is essential that we conduct a thorough assessment on your child’s brain functions, which include sensory and motor output, for us to craft an individualized Brain Training Program. We also provide a FREE test kit for you to determine the auditory short-term memory level of every member of your household.

Do you use prescriptive medication for children who are adopted and traumatized?

– Our firm belief is that the root causes of the symptoms of any learning disability can be targeted, addressed, and eliminated through NeuroDevelopmental principles, not the use of medication. We recognize that certain medical conditions do require prescriptive drugs, but the secret to the long-term solution we offer lies in the implementation of our crafted Brain Training Program.

Do you already have a recommended program for children who are adopted and traumatized?

– We at Brain Sprints do not have a template for learning disability or medical condition. We see every case as completely unique, so we create an individualized Brain Training Program from scratch based on our initial assessment of the child’s brain functions. From there we recommend the appropriate brain building products and services to aid in their development.

Why Choose Brain Sprints for Adopted and Traumatized Brain Training Services?

Many parents who have partnered with us here at Brain Sprints would comment that our methods may seem unorthodox and challenging to comprehend at first. This is exactly what makes NeuroDevelopmental brain building principles different and very effective compared to the more mainstream way of addressing the condition of adopted and traumatized children. We aim to provide long-term, life-changing development in every child’s academic, social, and emotional well-being, regardless of their label. Once the parents and their children have adjusted to our training program, they soon discovered how every step in the process is worth it.

We hope you give us the opportunity to be part of advancing your child’s journey. You can call us at 972-758-1260 or click the link below for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

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