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In most mainstream schools in the United States, children with autism are assessed, labelled, and given a separate teaching curriculum so that they can cope with their disability. However, here at Brain Sprints, we focus on the child’s functional, cognitive, and academic skills, regardless of their label. We utilize the Autism Neurodevelopmental Treatment Approach in all our brain training services so that your child overcomes many of the symptoms of autism, instead of simply coping with them.

Brain Sprints utilizes the Autism NeuroDevelopmental Approach with brain stimulating activities for children with learning challenges. Instead of helping your children cope or compensate for the challenges brought on by these struggles, we target the root causes and create an individualized brain training program to greatly minimize or eliminate them. Our Autism brain training services for learning challenges are available in our Brain Sprints Center located in Denton, Texas. Also, these same Autism training services can be implemented at home anywhere in the United State by a certified Brain Coach or in any country with high speed internet through our training site for parents.

For a lot of parents, the idea of taking an alternative route in their children’s development can be a bit unsettling. This is why we are inviting you to call us today so our professionals can personally explain how NeuroDevelopmental brain training can help your child with autism.

Autism Training Consultation

What is Autism?

Autism is considered one of the most prevalent disorders among children in the world, yet even at this day and age it has yet to be fully conquered by modern science. In fact, autism is not a disease, but rather a “spectrum disorder,” wherein the child will only be given a label under this category once he/she manifests a set of mild, moderate, or severe unexplained symptoms.

There are a lot of preconceived notions about autism, i.e. severity and common symptoms, and a lot of them may be true. However, no two cases are completely the same. The most people can grasp is that this wide range of disorders will affect a child’s social and behavioral traits, communication and comprehensive skills, and motor and sensory functions. Symptoms of autism often start to show during the child’s developmental years, at around 2-6 years old. The cause of autism is yet to be determined and is often hard to understand.

Various Types of Autism Include:

Autistic Disorder – When the child is mainly experiencing difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communication and exhibiting unusual behavioral patterns. It is also known as “classic autism” since most symptoms often confirm how most people perceive autism.

Asperger’s Syndrome – When milder symptoms of autistic disorder are manifested and the child does not have a language or learning disability. There are a lot of cases when the child can excel academically or on a certain field, yet still lack in social skills and have repetitive patterns of behavior and interest.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) – When the child struggles in social behavior and traits, motor functions, and communication skills, yet milder and fewer compared to the autistic disorder but still more severe than Asperger’s syndrome.

High Functioning Autism – When the child with autism has high, above-average, or average intelligence, which is similar to Asperger’s syndrome. The main difference is that children with high functioning autism have trouble with speech and language development from the start.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder – When children’s brain functions developed normally until they turn 2-4 years old, when they suddenly lose most of their social, self-care, language, motor, and mental skills. This is the rarest and most severe part of the autism spectrum disorder.

Broad Autism Phenotype – When only the mildest and fewest symptoms of the classic autistic disorder are seen and most of the time the child’s learning is at an average pace and progression.


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Why Brain Sprints?

Brain Sprints takes pride in the 25+ years we have spent developing, and consistently innovating the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for training children with dyscalculia and other learning disabilities. We are one of the very few companies in Texas to offer this type of customized service. We stand out even more because of our high level of dedication to help every child, regardless of their disability and struggles.  That is why families come from all over the United States to receive services. The unique nature of Brain Sprints’ application of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is that we take into consideration the whole child through the areas of sensory input (auditory, visual and tactile) and motor output (gross motor, fine motor and language). The child is evaluated in these 6 areas and tracked through 9 levels of development. An individualized brain training program is then crafted from our 1,000+ activity database.  Instead of focusing on labels and limiting your child’s potential based on what an APD label dictates, we look at your child as an individual who has boundless potentials and untapped skills and talents. It is our job to help you and your child discover this way to a brighter future.

Our Autism Treatment Services Include:

In-Home Training for Autism – After an in-person or video evaluation is conducted, an individualized NeuroDevelopmental plan is created.  The details of implementing the plan are taught to the parents via a web-training site.  Parents across the United States, or someone they choose, facilitates the activities five days a week with the child while unparalleled support is given through email, phone and bi-monthly teleconferencing. In some area of the DFW area, Brain Sprints trained Brain Coaches can be provided to implement the program for the parents.  

On-Site Training for Autism – Brain Sprints NeuroDevelopmental Brain Training is now available in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! At our Brain Sprints Center in Denton, Texas, trained Brain Coaches are available to work with your child on their individualized plan.  This can either be accomplished through 1-1 session or in small groups.

Brain Boosting Products – Through Little Giant Steps, we provide exclusive source materials i.e. Auditory Processing books, Digit Span Tests, ND and math curriculum that parents can use for fun and engaging brain building activities with their children. Our company applies the principles of NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life in all the resources.

NeuroDevelopmental Programs for Parent Education

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Do you conduct a screening test before creating a program for my child’s Autism Brain Training?

– A full NeuroDevelopmental in-person or video evaluation is recommended to uncover the root causes of inefficiencies leading to the child’s struggles. You still the option to take the conventional Autism diagnostic test for children available through the public school or outside testing agencies, but we require a neurodevelopmental assessment so we can form a concrete action plan base on the the NeuroDevelopmental Approach. In our view, gaining the cause of the struggle and addressing that with a customized action plan is much more effective than just labeling and modifying. 

Why Choose Brain Sprints for Autism Brain Training Services?

What makes Brain Sprints stand out from other institutions? We offer something different and priceless to parents who have children with auditory processing disorder or deficiency: Hope. The essence of NeuroDevelopmental Approach to Life is that every child, regardless of labels, can overcome their learning difficulties and challenges. Through our unique brain building principles, we aim to eliminate or significantly decrease the root cause of symptoms, so that your children can reach their true potential.

We hope you give us the opportunity to be part of advancing your child’s journey. You can call us at 972-758-1260 or click the link below for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.

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Our Success Stories

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