The Brain Sprints’ Champions system begins with an in-person NeuroDevelopmental (ND) Screening at our Brain Sprints Center. The screening is designed to pinpoint challenges and provide the foundational level of ND brain building activities. These ND activities, implemented by one of our on-site Brain Coaches, greatly reduce or often eliminate the root causes of brain inefficiencies over time. The Champions system addresses issues with gross motor, fine motor, language, auditory and visual function as well as sensory integration, behavioral and academic concerns on a foundational level. Who should participate in the Champions System? ND is effective for everyone from birth to 99 years of age. The Champions System is an in-center option for parents that want the professional implementation of program activities that build the foundation for success in academics. This System has proven successful for individuals presenting with these challenges:
  • Children with undetermined or unlabeled learning struggles
  • Children who have been placed in foster care, adopted or traumatized
  • Children who have been labeled:
  • Accelerated or Gifted
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Learning Disabled
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Typically Developing
  • And more…
There is a great need across the DFW metroplex for NeuroDevelopmental brain training programs to help families address these challenges.  Brain Sprints meets that need at our McKinney Center with our Elite, All Stars or Champions systems accomplished by our trained Brain Coaches.

How does it work?

The Champions system is a foundational, individualized ND program created from the ND Screening. It is implemented by trained Brain Coaches in our Brain Sprints Center in four-month cycles. Neurological connections are established and strengthened by adjusting the set of unique ND activities. This builds on the foundation of the previous cycle. 

Coaching sessions include one or more hour(s) spent with a Brain Coach (1:1 student/teacher ratio) working on individualized activities. The first year consists of three 4-month cycles beginning with a ND Screening and continuing with daily instruction at the Brain Sprints Center. Academic testing to track progress and parent updates end each cycle. 

A full evaluation may be recommended during the year instead of a ND Screening based on the needs of the child and the goals of the family.

Time Commitment:

    • • 1+ hours a day
    • • 4-5 days each week
    • Supplies for specific activities are included for the customized intervention.
    • For faster results some parents may desire to do some additional activities at home; supplies can be purchased separately.

Basis for success: 

Brain Sprints’ Coaches believe that all future abilities are determined by what is presented to the individual’s brain, not what a label attempts to dictate. The focus of the Champions program is to further brain pathway development by addressing the root causes of symptoms associated with labels or learning struggles. The results – accelerated functional and academic abilities! 

The Champions system address foundational brain function in 6 areas:

 • gross motor • fine motor • language • auditory • visual • tactility 

If an evaluation is included, the Champions System can also address concerns with behavioral, metabolic and academic challenges through the six areas of function on 9 levels of brain development.

How to get started:

  1. 1. Screening: You will then be directed to schedule a NeuroDevelopmental Screening if you have not already participated in one.

    2. Register: Fill out the registration and payment information. 

    3. Schedule your coaching hours/Submit Payment: Contact the office to choose from the available coaching hours. Refer to the Brain Sprints’ calendar for all scheduled days for service at the center. Coaching takes place 46 weeks of the year with designated weeks for vacation and breaks.

    4. Continued Champions service: A screening or in-person evaluation starts each 4-month cycle. Most children use the Brain Sprints program for 18-24 months. Every 4 months, your individual situation will be assessed and the best recommendation for moving forward will be presented.

Activity / Category


Gross Motor Activities
Fine Motor Activities
Tactile Activities
Auditory Processing and Function
Visual Processing and Function
Academic Techniques