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Over the past few years, dyslexia has become one of the most prevalent learning disability in the country, affecting approximately 10-15% percent of every American household. The numbers are staggering, and the current educational system in the United States only offers programs to compensate and a long remediation process for the challenges of children with dyslexia. However, we at Brain Sprints approach dyslexia differently. We currently offer every parent a revolutionary alternative to conventional dyslexia training methods that can enhance the lives of their children’s future.

Brain Sprints utilizes the NeuroDevelopmental Approach with brain stimulating activities for children with dyslexia. Instead of helping your children cope or compensate for the challenges brought on by dyslexic symptoms, we target the root causes and create an individualized brain training program to greatly minimize or eliminate them. Our training services for dyslexia are available in our Brain Sprints Center located in Denton, Texas. Dyslexia Treatment Therapy can also be implemented at home by a certified Brain Coach or by a parent that we train.

Dyslexia Training Consultation

What is Dyslexia Training?

Dyslexia involves the difficulty to recognize or to process words which results in struggles with writing, spelling, and sometimes even speaking. If not addressed properly it can impede an individual’s growth in language, and eventually in the abilities in his future schooling.

Over the past 100 years, dyslexic symptoms have been articulated by researchers, and include deficits in the areas of: phonological awareness, balance, motor control, dominance, visual discrimination, visual sequential processing, auditory processing, and listening skills.  Other common dyslexia symptoms of this learning disability include difficulty in writing and spelling, reversing letters and numerical sequences, inconsistencies in telling time, confusion in direction, inability to recognize punctuation marks, and speech or pronunciation problems. It is interesting to note that the traditional dyslexia intervention only addresses the phonological awareness piece of the puzzle. At Brain Sprints we take a different approach. Addressing the dyslexia symptoms listed above at the root we use specific activities to build new brain pathways thus often eliminating these challenges without a trace.


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Why Brain Sprints?

Brain Sprints takes pride in the 25+ years we have spent developing, and consistently innovating the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for training children with dyscalculia and other learning disabilities. We are one of the very few companies in Texas to offer this type of customized service. We stand out even more because of our high level of dedication to help every child, regardless of their disability and struggles.  That is why families come from all over the United States to receive services. The unique nature of Brain Sprints’ application of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is that we take into consideration the whole child through the areas of sensory input (auditory, visual and tactile) and motor output (gross motor, fine motor and language). The child is evaluated in these 6 areas and tracked through 9 levels of development. An individualized brain training program is then crafted from our 1,000+ activity database.  Instead of focusing on labels and limiting your child’s potential based on what a dyslexia label dictates, we look at your child as an individual who has boundless potentials and untapped skills and talents. It is our job to help you and your child discover this way to a brighter future.

We at Brain Sprints, an extension of Little Giant Steps, have been helping families in Texas and the rest of the United States through our individualized NeuroDevelopmental brain training for children with dyslexia since 1995.

To give you an example of ND intervention, the list of symptoms and possible developmental root causes can be seen here.

Dyslexia Testimony
Dyslexia Testimony

“Seth was placed on the Little Giant Steps program primarily because he is (or was) dyslexic. He had all the classic letter and number reversals in his writing. While this did not seem to prevent his reading well, it certainly was a problem in writing and even, to a degree, in Math. I am extremely happy to report that Seth has been “reversal free” now for several months and that his spelling has improved drastically. He would not “test” as dyslexic anymore—thank you, Ruth Young!

Seth also had a few sensory issues which were addressed by his program. He will now eat onions (he always refused before). His coordination has also improved dramatically, even though he is in the middle of a teenage growth spurt! Improved enough to milk the cow—which is a VERY coordinated activity, in case you never tried it!”

On LGS program from May, 2009 to August 2010

Karnes City, TX

“After 10 months on the Little Giant Steps program, this week all the letters my 10 year-old daughter had continually and consistently written REVERSED since kindergarten have flipped and now fluently come out on paper facing the right way. She doesn’t even pause to ponder which way the letter “p” faces.”

I thank God and rejoice that her learning problems are falling by the way side as her brain changes and new neural pathways are built. This learning challenge seems to have vanished! I thought it would remain a challenge and she would always pause to ponder which way her letters and numbers go. This is truly the difference in The ND Approach vs learning to compensate!

Our diligence and hard work on program is paying off. I am celebrating and wanted to share. We had a Little Giant Step today!”

Karnes City, TX


When should my child start a dyslexia brain training program?

NOW is the best time to start! We offer customized dyslexia training and fun brain stimulating activities for children of all ages. We specialize in children from kindergarten through 12th grade. The help your child needs can start any time of the year. From the Brain Sprints’ perspective, it is never too early or too late to start improving your child’s academic performance.

Is NeuroDevelopmental Intervention considered therapy for dyslexia?

One of the first things we at Brain Sprints tell parents is that NeuroDevelopmental intervention is not considered a conventional “therapy” for dyslexia. It is a direct stimulation to the brain to target root causes of symptoms which can vary from person to person with the goal of eliminating or significantly reducing these symptoms.

We hope you give us the opportunity to be part of advancing your child’s journey. You can call us at 972-758-1260 or click the link below for a free 15-minute dyslexia treatment consultation with one of our experts.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

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