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Cycle one of Parent Coaching-Foundations system begins with Developmental Foundations 1 (DF), a NeuroDevelopmental in-home program for ages 7+. It is designed to provide foundational brain-building activities as well as support without traveling to one of our Brain Sprints evaluation sites.  Neurodevelopmental activities greatly reduce or often eliminate the root causes of brain inefficiencies. DF addresses issues with gross motor, fine motor, speech, language, auditory, and visual function. Concerns with sensory integration, behavioral, and academic issues are also addressed.

Who should use the Parent Coaching-Foundations (PC-Foundations) In-Home Program?

NeuroDevelopment is effective for everyone from birth to 99 years of age. Brain Sprints has specific brain building programs tailored to various needs and a broad range of age levels. This foundational program has proven helpful for individuals presenting with these challenges:

• Children with undetermined or unlabeled learning struggles

• Children who have been placed in foster care, adopted or traumatized

• Children who are struggling academically, behaviorally, or with low self-esteem

• Children who have been labeled with:

            • High Functioning Autism (foundational step only)

            • ADD/ADHD

            • Dyslexia

            • Auditory Processing Disorder

            • Sensory Processing Disorder

            • And more…

There is a great need for NeuroDevelopmental brain training programs to help families address these challenges.  Brain Sprints meets that need for families who are unable to travel every four months to one of our evaluation sites for an in-person evaluation with our PC-Foundations system. This is an innovative way to provide families with individualized programs at home.

How does it work?

The Parent Coaching-Foundations system is a series of two in-home NeuroDevelopmental programs. This system implements unique activities in a six-month cycle that build and strengthen neurological connections.

PC-Foundations starts with a basic Developmental Foundations 1 program with all supplies included.

Developmental Foundations 2 starts the second six-month cycle and provides:

  • Testing to track progress
  • Review of all documentation by a NeuroDevelopmentalist
  • Customized Individual NeuroDevelopmental Program (INP) based on information provided by the parents
  • Online training for each activity recommended
  • Bi-monthly online group training and support
  • Reading and math strategies/recommendations (alternative included for College Prep Level)

The first year’s cycle consists of two six-month at-a-distance programs called Developmental Foundations 1 & 2 or Developmental Foundations College Prep 1 & 2. Parents/Participant execute each of the activities.

If learning struggles persist and family goals have not been met after one year of PC-Foundations, in-person evaluation with travel to an evaluation site is recommended. The evaluation can pinpoint areas that have not yet been addressed in the previous activities. The fully individualized program yielded by an in-person evaluation can complete the process of brain efficiency that releases the child’s full God-given potential.

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour with parent involvement & approximately 1-hour independent activities a day
  • 5 days each week

All supplies for Developmental Foundations 1 & 2 are included with the PC-Foundations system.

Basis for success

Brain Sprints Coaches believe that all future abilities are determined by what is presented to the individual’s brain, not what a label attempts to dictate. The focus of PC-Foundations is to further brain pathway development by addressing the root causes of symptoms associated with labels or learning struggles. The results – accelerated functional and academic abilities!

All Parent Coaching -Foundations In-Home Programs address brain function in 6 areas:

  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • speech/language
  • auditory
  • visual
  • tactility

How to get started:

  1. Order: PC-Foundations
  2. Orientation/Assessment Packet: A NeuroDevelopmental Approach parent orientation video will be available to you along with testing materials you will administer to the participant to get a baseline of current function.
  3. Brain Training Program: The NeuroDevelopmental brain-building activities are taught through our Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Plan (INP) website. The training site will be available within 3 business days of the receipt of testing information. You will be notified via email when your program activity training is ready to view.
  4. Cycle Two Program: Developmental Foundations 2 is the next cycle in this year’s program. You will be contacted before the end of this cycle to administer the testing packet. Customized activities will be added based on the testing results. A new INP will have activity instructions for the next cycle.

Activity / Category


Gross Motor Activities
Fine Motor Activities
Tactile Activities
Auditory Processing and Function
Visual Processing and Function
Academic Techniques


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