Parent Coaching–Early Learning

The Brain Sprints’ Parent Coaching-Early Learning (PC-Early Learning) system provides NeuroDevelopmental (ND) intervention without the need to travel to one of our Brain Sprints evaluation sites. The Early Learning Foundations (ELF) Curriculum (Levels 1, 2 or 3) is designed to provide brain building activities and includes math. The complete PC-Early Learning system adds reading and tactile activities to ELF for a complete year-long, enhanced package.  The PC-Early Learning system also provides support for successful implementation. 

ND activities greatly reduce or often eliminate the root causes of brain inefficiencies.  PC-Early Learning addresses challenges with gross motor, fine motor, language, auditory and visual function as well as sensory integration, behavior and basic academics.

Who should use the Parent Coaching–Early Learning (PC-Early Learning) In-Home Program?

NeuroDevelopment, the foundation of our PC-Early Learning System is effective for everyone from birth to 99 years of age. Brain Sprints has specific brain building programs tailored to various needs and a broad range of age levels. It can be used as an afterschool program and/or as the main curriculum for home school. The PC-Early Learning System has proven successful for typically developing, young children (ages 3-7), or those who are cognitively functioning at the level of a 3-7-year-old and struggle with any of the following challenges including:

• Children with undetermined or unlabeled developmental delays

• Children who have been placed in foster care, adopted or traumatized

• Children who have been labeled with:

          • Autism

          • ADD/ADHD

          • Down Syndrome

          • PDD-NOS

          • Auditory Processing Disorder

          • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

          • Sensory Processing Disorder

          • And many more…

There is a great need across the country for NeuroDevelopmental brain training programs to help families address these challenges.  Brain Sprints meets that need for families who are unable to travel every four months to one of our evaluation sites for an in-person evaluation with our PC-Early Learning System. This is an innovative way to provide families with individualized programs at home.

How does it work?

The PC-Early Learning system is a year-long, ND program that includes math and reading. This system also includes unique tactile activities that change every four-months to build and strengthen foundational neurological connections.

PC-Early Learning starts with a questionnaire that allows us to customize your child’s math and reading or pre-reading materials.

The year’s cycle consists of:

  • Neurodevelopmental curriculum – Early Learning Foundations Level 1, 2 or 3.
  • Online training for each activity recommended
  • Tactile activities that develop the central nervous system and change every 4 months
  • Complete math curriculum
  • Appropriate reading materials and ND techniques
  • Bi-monthly online group training and support
  • Reading and math strategies/recommendations/materials

Time Commitment:

  • 5-2 hours a day (activities are typically spaced throughout the day and many are worked into the daily flow of the family)
  • 5 days each week

Basis for success

Brain Sprints’ Coaches believe that all future abilities are determined by what is presented to the individual’s brain, not what a label attempts to dictate. The focus of the PC-Early Learning system is to further brain pathway development by addressing the root causes of symptoms associated with developmental, speech and learning delays. The results – accelerated function!

All PC-Early Learning In-Home Programs address brain function in 6 areas:

  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • language
  • auditory
  • visual
  • tactility

Here is the process:

  1. Submit questionnaire: A trained Brain Coach will determine the level of the child’s math and reading materials.
  2. Payment: Submit payment form for the appropriate level of Parent Coaching-Early Learning.
  3. Brain Training Program:  Your ND program and supplies will be mailed to you. The NeuroDevelopmental activities are taught through a website specific to your level of Early Learning Foundations. All login information is included in your package.
  4. Future Tactile Programs: The PC-Early Learning system is a year-long ND and math curriculum. Based on your survey, you will also be given grade-level appropriate reading materials for the year as well. The tactile activities are given in four-month cycles. You will be contacted before the end of this cycle with login information for the next set of tactile activities.
  1. Bi-monthly support: Twice a month, you will be invited to join the Zoom meeting or listen to the recorded meeting at your convenience. There will be a short training on an aspect of ND and a question and answer segment.

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