Frequently Asked

  1. Fill out the Screening Request Form.
  2. You will be sent a link to our calendar to select your appointment time at your desired location. 
  3. Screenings last about 15-20 min. Parents may be present while the Screening is occurring, we just ask that you silence your cell phone. 
  4. Your Screener will email a report to you with results and recommendations on how to proceed. 
  5. A video link will be sent explaining your results so you understand where the inefficiencies exist. 
Yes. Screenings are designed for adults, teens, and children age 6+ who are gifted, typically developing or who have learning challenges or labels like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or Dysgraphia. There is help and hope for all learning challenges including sensory issues and syndromes but this particular screening service is not designed to address this level of involvement. Please request a free consultation for information on the programs we offer.
One can anticipate paying $50-$65 if participating in a screening. Groups booking a screening event may receive a discounted rate for groups of 10 or more.
No, this is not an in-depth individual evaluation. It is a quick way to check the current performance levels and determine why the participant may be struggling in one or more areas. Options for resolving these issues are given during our screening seminar or consultation session. It’s up to you to take what you have learned and apply it. You will be introduced to several programs that could help the participant(s).
A screening assesses key areas of development through an overview of gross motor function, eye function and auditory processing. Through assessing function in these major areas the screener is able to determine if the participant has completed certain benchmarks within the developmental process. When these areas are not complete, it is typically the root cause of learning inefficiencies.

The NeuroDevelopmental Screening is completed by a certified screener and is designed to illuminate the root causes of learning challenges. It is a snapshot of current developmental function resulting in information to make an informed decision on the next step to neurological efficiency for the individual.

​The Individual Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of an individual provided by a neuro-educational specialist or NeuroDevelopmentalist whereby a completed profile is created for the individual and standardized tests are administered. The profile reveals inefficiencies in six areas of function (tactile, auditory, visual, manual, language and mobility) on nine levels of brain development. From the evaluation information and parent consultation, an individualized program is written that contains intervention activities to correct learning/developmental/academic inefficiencies. A complete evaluation includes an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Program (INP), online training for all activities and support for the family for every four months of intervention.

During the screening, the participant will be asked to play some memory games, participate in some games involving looking and listening and finally do some physical activities such as throwing a ball and skipping. Because there are several physical activities that require moving around on the floor, we ask that the participant wear comfortable clothes (It is best for girls to wear pants. If this is not possible, shorts should be worn underneath).