In this Brain Coach Tip, learn from several examples featuring smart children that were thought to be goofing off, not paying attention, or just not trying, but had other factors causing the poor behavior outside the behavioral element. Parents and children can find ways to overcome these challenges and heal their relationships.

Smart but Struggling…

Parents, knowing that their child is smart, often struggle with the child’s actions that are less than expected or not age-appropriate.  They can misjudge the situation and think the child is just not trying when in fact there may be inefficiencies in the brain that cause those troubling behaviors.  In this episode, learn from some examples where exactly this occurred.


Dr. Jan Bedell, Founder & President

Dr. Jan’s passion is teaching ways to stimulate brains of all ages earning her the title, Brain Coach. Through the years her work has helped children, teens and adults discover their true God-given potential without labels.
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