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“What makes Brain Sprints different from all the other approaches that claim to have the answer for my child?” Most other approaches focus on the symptoms and teach coping and compensating skills. At Brain Sprints, we emphasize the root cause of the problem and focus there to reduce or eliminates the symptoms over time. When looking for the “causes” of the learning or functional challenges, you will always end up at the same place ~ The Brain. Impact the brain with specific stimulation and it changes! See How Others Have Gone Beyond Traditional Means To Resolve Functional Challenges At The Source!

What parents are saying:

I decided today to try and start again to read Ethan the Story of the World. This is a good curriculum for history. Up until now, Ethan could never understand what I read. Seriously, I would read two sentences and ask him details about the two sentences and he literally couldn’t process it to answer any of my questions. So, of course didn’t continue reading it. Today when I read it to him, he not only could understand it, answer questions about some detail but we finished a section. We then discussed the section and he did an activity about it! I can’t believe it!!!!!! I now see soon I can teach him topics pertaining to actual curriculum ❤️❤️❤️ literally Praise to God!!!

Elizabeth 10/17

Brain Sprints: Explained

Cathy Wheeler

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Bright but forgetful

Ruth Young

Learning difficulties don’t
have to last a lifetime!

CJ Rezac

A mom’s journey in solving autism in her family.

Michele Lochridge

Learning difficulties don’t
have to last a lifetime!

CJ Rezac

Let’s go beyond tutoring to resolve academic and functional challenges at the source!