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Neurodevelopment Services are now available in the DFW area. Same excellent Neurodevelopmental program, new coaching options. Trained Brain Coaches work with your child at our McKinney location on an Individualized NeuroDevelopmental Action Plan.


Partnering with Parents to help eliminate learning challenges since 1998. Parents as Coaches provides Neurodevelopmental programs where you work one-on-one with your child on a NeuroDevelopmental Action Plan.

Brain Sprints’ Neurodevelopment programs create life-changing results by harnessing the brains’ natural ability to change and grow (neuroplasticity) through specific stimulation.

A few examples of specific brain stimulation:

  • – Lower level brain organization through movement activities
  • – Auditory and visual short term memory
  • – Tactile stimulation to produce brain pathways
  • – Visual activities
  • – Facilitating easy access to information learned through dominance work
  • – Unique tried and tested methods of instruction in reading and math
Some results of specific NeuroDevelopmental stimulation:
  • * Increase math and reading scores by an average of 1 year every 4 months (depending on age of participant)
  • * Eliminate letter and number reversals
  • * Accurate reading without skipping words or lines
  • * Creates a strong foundation for organized thoughts and behavior
  • * Increased capacity to understand cause & effect as well as social cues
  • * Enhanced ability to follow multi-step directions
  • * Relating to peers, blossoms
  • * Better capability to stay on task
  • * Improved reading and listening comprehension skills
  • * Change the outcome of stressful testing situations from failures to successes
  • * Watch messy handwriting change to legible
  • * More willing to work independently
  • * And many more areas of functional abilities

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Cathy Wheeler
The Neuro Developmental Difference


Hello Jan!

I had to share this with you!

I decided today to try and start again to read Ethan the Story of the World. This is a good curriculum for history. Up until now, Ethan could never understand what I read. Seriously, I would read two sentences and ask him details about the two sentences and he literally couldn’t process it to answer any of my questions. So, of course didn’t continue reading it. Today when I read it to him, he not only could understand it, answer questions about some detail but we finished a section. We then discussed the section and he did an activity about it! I can’t believe it!!!!!! I now see soon I can teach him topics pertaining to actual curriculum ❤️❤️❤️literally Praise to God!!!

I thought you would love to hear this!

Truly Thankful!! Elizabeth

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