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As fellow parents, we at Brain Sprints have the same goal as you do, which is to provide the best opportunities for our children. This is why we are here to bring you NeuroDevelopmental brain training, a revolutionary way on how to help children with Down syndrome excel in functional abilities, academics and unlock their true potential.
Brain Sprints is one of the very few professionals that incorporate NeuroDevelopmental brain training principles in educational services. Whether you want to conduct the Down Syndrome training and coaching sessions at home or use trained coaches at our Brain Sprints Center located in Denton, Texas, the choice is yours. The chance to give your child with Down Syndrome an opportunity to excel in life through our innovative methods starts when you pick up that phone and call us today.

Down Syndrome NeuroDevelopment Training

What is Down Syndrome?

Technically, Down syndrome is not an illness. It is a genetic condition wherein an individual is born with an extra chromosome called chromosome 21, which results to a change in the person’s physical features and cognitive abilities. Through the years people with Down syndrome can develop certain health issues and learning impairments or delays. To address the condition head on, children typically undergo educational screenings before they start going to school. The tests determine the severity or classification of Down syndrome.

In the United States about 1 out of 700 babies are born with Down syndrome, which makes it the most common genetic disorder in the country. Different factors such as age of the parents and family history contribute of the likelihood, but it is still mostly random. Upon birth there are physical manifestations of the disorder, such as flat facial features, short neck, bulging tongue, smaller than average head and ears, and more.

Typically, children with Down syndrome develop certain learning difficulties such as speech issues, impaired hearing and vision, weak auditory memory, short attention span, impulsive behavior, and more. Medical conditions, i.e. congenital heart diseases, cataracts, and obesity, can begin to show. These hurdles, coupled with each child’s specific needs, call for a more specialized Down Syndrome training approach when it comes to education.


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Why Brain Sprints?

Brain Sprints takes pride in the 25+ years we have spent developing, and consistently innovating the NeuroDevelopmental Approach for training children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. We are one of the very few companies in Texas to offer this type of customized service. We stand out even more because of our high level of dedication to help every child, regardless of their disability and struggles.  That is why families come from all over the United States to receive services. The unique nature of Brain Sprints’ application of the NeuroDevelopmental Approach is that we take into consideration the whole child through the areas of sensory input (auditory, visual and tactile) and motor output (gross motor, fine motor and language). The child is evaluated in these 6 areas and tracked through 9 levels of development. An individualized brain training program is then crafted from our 1,000+ activity database.  Instead of focusing on labels and limiting your child’s potential based on what a dyslexia label dictates, we look at your child as an individual who has boundless potentials and untapped skills and talents. It is our job to help you and your child discover this way to a brighter future.

Our Down Syndrome Treatment Services Include:

In-Home Training for Down Syndrome – Our NeuroDevelopmentalist create an Action Plan based on your child’s needs and support you when conducting educational training sessions at home. Eliminating the root cause of this challenge will help your child enjoy learning again and provide the ability to thrive in any educational environment. Our In-home training programs for homeschooling or afterschool enrichment contain a wide variety of subjects and skillsets with clear timelines and techniques designed specifically for each child. Video training for parents help you to be confident about the technique for every recommended activity.

On-Site Training for Down Syndrome – New exciting services now available to families in the DFW area. We are providing individualized sessions in our Denton Brain Sprints Center provided by our trained brain coaches.

Brain Boosting Products – We offer a wide variety of multisensory educational products and brain training kits that we specifically designed using NeuroDevelopmental brain building principles. Areas addressed include: Auditory ProcessingReading InstructionReading ComprehensionMath and more. They are available for children with Down syndrome, from Infant, Kindergarten, up through 12th Grade level.

NeuroDevelopmental Programs for Parents – Spearheaded by Dr. Jan Bedell, founder & president of Brain Sprints, we offer practical and insightful seminars, mini-programs, individual evaluations and workshops for parents who are coaching their children with Down syndrome at home.

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Do you evaluate every child who goes through your programs?

– Yes. Even if your child has already undergone an evaluation with a traditional school for children with Down syndrome, we still need to conduct neurodevelopmental evaluation either in-person or by videoBrain Sprints’ evaluation is specifically designed to get a firm grasp of the brain inefficiencies behind the functional and learning challenges instead of settling for limiting labels. More insights into your child’s current learning development supplies the information we need to customize an action plan.

At what age can my child start NeuroDevelopmental training?

– It is never too early or too late to propel your child’s development. We at Brain Sprints offer on-site coachingparent led coaching as well as fun brain boosting products for children of all ages that can be accessed anywhere in the world. We have interactive products for infants, and we will continue to customize as your child progresses through pre-school, kindergarten, and all the way up to the 12th grade!

Where do you get your curriculum for virtual coaching and on-site teaching in regards to Down syndrome?

Brain Sprints is a firm believer of individualized coaching. It’s not that we are against traditional training methods, but we create unique, personalized action plans for children with Down Syndrome as each child is different. We focus on addressing the root of each child’s challenges. We can only achieve that through customized curriculum or action plans.

What materials will parents use when conducting in-home training?

– We provide interactive videos, curriculum inspired by NeuroDevelopment, and engaging multimedia math and reading materials appropriate for children with Down Syndrome. We are here to walk beside you every step of the way with our robust support system by phone, email, webinars format and in-person parent consults. Brain Sprints an extension of Little Giant Steps is regularly updating our source materials and sends information packed emails to parents once a month for more tips and insights.

Why Choose Brain Sprints for Down Syndrome Educational Training Services?

We at Brain Sprints are a dynamic team of experts who have more than 25 years of training and knowledge with NeuroDevelopmental coaching for children with Down syndrome. We are proud to say that since our inception we have helped thousands of families with a multitude of labels throughout the United States and in many countries around the world through our virtual training services.

There is no harm in learning a new way to improve your child’s current learning process. You can call us at 972-758-1260 or click the link below for a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts. We look forward to helping you to discover the best way forward for your child.

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Our Success Stories

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