NeuroDevelopmental Screening

The NeuroDevelopmental Screening is designed to help individuals understand their own or their child’s current developmental function and how to improve memory and learning. It is our goal to empower individuals to work through what appears to be limiting symptoms. When you know the cause of something, then you can be equipped to do something about it. Discover the functional reasons behind the challenges that hinder you or your student (age six or older) through the NeuroDevelopmental Screening process. A certified screener is trained to assess the root causes of issues existing with short term memory, long term memory, eye function and brain organization. When inefficiencies are found in these areas, the certified screener points you to resources to resolve the issues.

Screenings serve two purposes:

1. To give a snapshot of current developmental function of individuals who are gifted, typically developing or those having learning struggles/labels. Screenings help identify blocks related to academic and job under-performance. Though only a partial picture; it is a valid starting point to begin addressing inefficiencies at the root cause.

2. It gives insight to you and your child. Greater clarity comes by shifting focus from only seeing symptoms to understanding why those symptoms are occurring; and, what remedies exist. You will learn first steps in managing the false assumptions which typically come with these characteristics. It can be a simple matter of development.

To schedule a NeuroDevelopmental Screening, a Screening Request must be completed.

Screening Locations

Virtual Screenings Available

TX: Denton, Round Rock, Conroe

NC: Rocky Mount

Screening Cost: $65

Group Discounts Available for 10 or More Participants.

Please see our FAQs section for further information and restrictions for NeuroDevelopmental screenings.
While Brain Sprints provides help and hope for all learning issues including sensory challenges and syndromes or brain trauma, this particular screening service is not designed to address higher levels of involvement. With these situations, one is encouraged to consider a full evaluation or an in-home brain training program which will address the specific needs of these difficulties and disabilities.


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